Who We Are

The Bankable Story

Bankable (Est 2017) was founded with one key principle in mind that the more clients and financiers know and understand about each other the more efficient financial intermediation becomes.

As dedicated and experienced bankers, Bankable plays a financial intermediary role that allows for effective dissemination of Information, Knowledge, and Context that helps our clients navigate the financial sector space more confidently and efficiently.

Working along side our clients, we leverage our expertise, networks and relationships in assisting them to realize their ambitions.


Help more and more clients realize their ambitions through providing sound, best in class financial advisory across all the markets we operate.


Work diligently to deliver value.



With over 55 years combined of banking experience the Bankable Founding Partners supported by a team of Managers and Analysts are driven to apply their experience and expertise to support clients to derive value and efficiency across their diverse financing requirements.