For Both Bank and Non Bank clients we work with players in the Financial Sector to diagnose, design and execute strategic and tactical solutions to support and transform their businesses.

Our approach is anchored in the deep understanding of the relevant expertise and local context as applied to our Banking Sector.

Our Strategies

Consulting offers us an exciting opportunity to package and distribute best practices.

We work with funds looking to extend financing to strategic sectors such as agribusiness and manufacturing; or strategic market segments such as SME, youth and women. Our role is to bring our banking expertise to create process and structure that allow these funds to make the most impact.

We provide talent search for experienced banking executive hires from board members and top management. Our insights into the banking sector talent pool gathered across over 55 years of combined experience make a significant difference in finding the right talent profile for a role.

We work with banks and non-bank financial institutions across their diverse requirements to improve processes, policies, strategic planning and execution.

Particularly on the banking side this may mean management services and technical advisory.