The Bankable story

Several years after the introduction of credit reference bureaus, despite their positive influence, banking industry Non Performing Loans (NPL) remain to be high and rising. Furthermore the costs of borrowing, lending, collecting and recovering have always been stubbornly high. This reality is reflected as persistently sticky high credit margins charged on lending and ultimately high costs of capital for businesses.

Aside from the seasonality of business cycles which affect NPL; there must be other key factors that underlie the current state of the banking industry. Bankable’s mission and vision are all about continually defining these problems and solving them.

Bankable is a firm founded by former bankers with over 50 years of combined market experience. Our mission is simple; we partner with our clients to assist them to procure, innovate, and execute banking products and services more efficiently. In partnering with our clients we are particularly targeting to bridge the information asymmetry problem and the sharp principal agent divide that currently exists in the market between business and banks as well as between banks themselves. This is at the heart of the persistent yet growing structural NPL problem.

We leverage our expertise, networks and relationships to assist our clients to discover and share deeper relevant insights of their businesses and in the process saving them time, costs, and any unwarranted economic rents when it comes to procuring, innovating and executing banking products and services. In all our products and services our involvement as “the Banking Firm” is intended to free our clients to concentrate on what they do best and that is on their business operations, executing their strategies and fulfilling their growth ambitions.